Gardening Reminders

Never let another plant turn brown again. WaterMe helps you tend to the plants in your garden. Every day WaterMe sends one, and only one, push notification that reminds you to take care of your plants.

WaterMe is my most popular app. Its 100% developed by me, 100% written in Swift, and is under active development.

WaterMe - App Store 

Topology Eyewear

Custom-fit glasses

At Topology, we engineer premium, custom-fit eyewear perfectly sculpted to ergonomically fit your unique face. Our glasses and sunglasses are tailor-made one at a time for one person at a time at our state-of-the-art facility in San Francisco. Using just your iPhone camera, the Topology app creates a millimeter-accurate virtual 3D model of your face. It analyzes your unique features so you can create custom glasses that fit perfectly. We guarantee a perfect fit for any face or your money back.

The Topology team is incredible, the technology is incredible, and the app is 100% written in Swift. I contributed many of the UI elements within the app.

Topology Eyewear - Website 

Topology Eyewear - App Store 


The Simple Tip Calculator

Gratuity for Apple Watch and iOS makes getting a tip at a restaurant quick and easy. Gratuity for iOS is the most beautiful and the most interactive tip calculator you have used. Gratuity for Apple Watch means you can calculate restaurant tips without even taking your phone out of your pocket.

Gratuity was my first Swift app. Its 100% written by me, 100% written in Swift, and is no longer under development.

Gratuity - App Store 


Cross Platform Reading List App

Hipstapaper allows me to save, tag, and sync website URL's across my iOS devices and my Mac with 100% native interfaces.

Hipstapaper is 100% open source, 100% written in Swift, and 100% developed by me.

Gratuity - Github Page