Software Developer, Product Manager, UX Designer

Creative Problem Solver in Tech Companies Since 2013

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design


Quality Assurance Senior Engineer, Woven by Toyota, Tokyo

2023/04~Present: Quality Assurance Senior Engineer

2020/09~2023/04: Senior Product Manager

The Quality Assurance team at Woven by Toyota aims to raise the quality standards from silicon valley levels to levels that match the world-leading quality levels expected by Toyota customers. We are working to build the practices, systems, and automation to make sure that all of our safety critical software is safe and secure.

Engineering Manager, Mercari Inc., Tokyo

2020/01~2020/09: Engineering Manager

2019/01~2020/01: iOS Software Engineer

Mercari is the largest C2C marketplace in Japan. The iOS app is used by millions and processes financial transactions, so the tolerance for quality issues is very low. Mercari is frequently rated as one of the best companies to work for in Japan and as an Engineering Manager, I am proud to help make sure that that reputation continues.

iOS Software Engineer, Topology Eyewear, San Francisco

2017/06~2017/09, Full Time

2017/09~2018/12, Part Time Remote Work

The Topology Eyewear application performs sophisticated video recording and machine learning to construct an accurate 3D model of the user's face. That 3D model is then used to make glasses that are individually CNC machined to fit.

User Experience Designer, Riverbed Technology, San Francisco


Riverbed Technology, being an enterprise product company, had no design department at all. After joining, I demonstrated the value of UX to product managers and engineering leaders. From there a larger UX team was built and UX helped lead most new feature development in order to ensure our customers were satisfied.

User Experience Designer, Woopra, Inc., San Francisco, 2011/12~2013/02

iOS Dev Teacher, General Assembly, San Francisco, 2015/12~2017/09

Volunteer Organizer & iOS Dev Teacher, MobileBridge, San Francisco, 2014~2017

Organizer / Teacher, Industrial Design Outreach, San Francisco, 2011~2012

Genius, Apple Store, Burlingame, California, 2007~2009


Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design

San Francisco State University

Industrial Design, San Francisco State University


Product Design, Brunel University, London