Design for Manufacture

The only module that regularly led to to fistfights in the School of Engineering and Design.

The Brief

“Working as a team, students will develop one concept for a small batch production in the workshops. Each team will produce component drawings for their batch production proposal. The submitted drawings will be given to another group to manufacture and likewise your team will act as manufacturers for another design team.”


During initial ideation, the team threw together pages and pages of possible office themed ideas. We had to keep in mind that another team would be building five of these artifacts in the workshops available at Brunel University. This is just one of many.


After ideating, we considered how our best ideas could be manufactured and assembled. You can see here we considered materials, manufacturing processes, final assembly and we also considered disassembly of the finished artifacts.

CAD Drawings

After selecting materials and verifying the various pieces could be manufactured in the workshops available to us at Brunel, we went to work creating detailed spec sheets for every component of the assembly. Here you can see an assembly drawing of the various components of the pen pot.


We made basic renderings to help the manufacturing team visualize what the final products were supposed to look like.


Next, we switched assembly drawings with the other team and headed to the workshop to build five identical copies of their design while they built five copies of our design.

Manufacturing Complete

Finally, we get to enojy the finished product.